Building Economic Opportunity for the Film Fraternity in India

The questions have been How? and When?…..
the entire Film and TV industry is going to recover from the global pandemic.

GudSho movie submission.

Although the Indian film industry already meant a heavy losses of about 1200Crs in the April month in box-office takings.

And the figure is expected to rise to $4000 Crores by the end of 2020.

The global crisis has affected the Indian Film industry as well where the shooting of under-production films and postponed film releases in India could experience loss ranging from 1200-1250 crores.

On top of the Global Crisis, COVID-19 Pandemic, the calls for Depressing Film Industry Reaches the Tipping Point

Being a leading OTT Distribution & Content delivery platform for global content creators in the market, “We believe in spreading positivity and helping the overall losses to the entire industry crew by offering a combination of digital Film releases.”

A Forward Step From GudSho in Helping the Film Crew Across India:

More than the gap between big producers and the cost of capital of the film industry, the Film Crew’ Wealth Gap has been hit hard.

GudSho takes the commitment to help the entire Indian Film industry by a Free OTT platform to release the under-production films and Future films to support their livelihood during the global crisis.

We believe the commitment of contributing free OTT platforms will create a huge impact in their life. This serious forward step will bring more capital benefits to producers, Studio workers, film distributors, Cast & Crew and specifically to their families to sustain during this pandemic. 

– says, Sriram Manoharan, CEO & Founder of GudSho.


GudSho on Mission To Help Film Industry Crew Economically During The Pandemic

A Better Way to Generate More Revenue During Any Crisis

GudSho is completely a zero investment platform for distributors and producers to release their movies online. The Studio has the potential to generate a massive amount of revenue opportunity through multiple monetization models such as,

Release of Films To Global Audience

With the OTT streaming platform, reaching audiences across geographical barriers or language is made possible for Filmmakers. The OTT streaming platform offers a wider range of benefits compared with national-level screenings to release specified films to targeted geographic audiences. This is much easier and convenient than the traditional distribution rules and marketing budgets.

More Secure Than the Traditional Distribution

GudSho urges to fight against the piracy of online film releases. The cinephiles across the local and global have been bolstering which in result increases the streaming of content illegally. GudSho ensures to distribute your films through the OTT platform which is configured with multiple security factors.

Joining Together With Filmmakers, Distributors, Production Houses To Bounce Back From the COVID Crisis.

More than saving the producers from generating their investment, giving life to Filmmakers, the production crew is fairly important during this crisis. GudSho ensures the entire film production in resume and recovers from the crisis. A smooth film distribution, Film releases, and ensuring employment to behind the scenes crew all time is the mission GudSho empowers through OTT platform.

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Towards The New Digital Normal

When the other industries are approaching new strategies to sustain in the market during any crisis, it’s time for Filmmakers, Distributors, Production Houses & Stakeholders to rethink the possibility of releasing films over an OTT platform to reap profitable revenue than the traditional distribution of films.

As said earlier, GudSho is on a mission to help the depressed Film industry due to the Coronavirus.


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